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The history of our company

Lenti&Armkos Group SH.P.K.

The company LENTI & ARMKOS GROUP sh.p.k. was founded in 2009 in Prizren. Its activities are specialized in the sale of special products, education – training, entertainment, recreation and their operation. We combine the power and quality of products that meet the needs of consumers in different market segments.

We own a chain of the largest firearms stores in Kosovo and have designed the safest and most advanced indoor shooting ranges and outdoor training facilities.

Lenti & Armkos

advantages from the Company

High quality services

Professional and certified staff from all security fields

Guaranteed, tested and high quality products,

Managers according to contemporary methods of company management

We welcome you to the civil shooting range (outdoor)
Landovic - Prizren
About Us

Lenti & Armkos Group

LENTI & ARMKOS GROUP sh.p.k. is a destination that meets the needs of every shooter with a certified professional team. The ranges have modern air conditioning and filtration systems to guarantee the highest level of safety and comfort, there is an extensive catalog of training information provided in the facility’s training rooms, designed to accommodate a wide variety of shooting information. , and candidates are taught by trained and certified instructors just to make them the best firearms owners possible. Our superstores feature beautifully designed retail departments for every type of shooter, in addition to our extensive array of firearms, ammunition and every accessory imaginable.

LENTI & ARMKOS GROUP sh.p.k. has worked with many of the most well-known manufacturers in the arms and ammunition manufacturing industry to offer the best presentation of our products. LENTI & ARMKOS GROUP sh.p.k. proudly offers a warranty for all new and certified firearms purchased in our stores.

The mission of LENTI & ARMKOS GROUP sh.p.k. is to create a safer community by empowering our customers through safety, education and professional training, and equipping people with the tools and resources they need to excel in every shooting discipline: recreational, competitive and defensive personal. Everything we do here is meant to help gun owners be safer and more responsible every time they carry or use their gun.

LENTI & ARMKOS GROUP s.p.k. offers:

  • SAFETY – The safety of firearms and the safety of our staff, customers and all law-abiding citizens is our first priority, every day.
  • INTEGRITY – We approach every aspect of our business and its practices with the highest ethical standards, ultimately focused on providing the best possible customer experience.
  • CERTIFICATION – Certificate for each candidate who passes these theoretical and practical tests. Focused management at the executive level and a well-skilled and trained employee base are at the heart of what drives the need for quality in the company.

The ability of LENTI & ARMKOS GROUP sh.p.k to adapt to changes, to adopt new practices and to inspire a culture of standardization, stimulates the overall efficiency of quality initiatives.